Join A Summer Art Class at Iris Art in 2017!

Drawing is a fundamental life skill, like reading and writing, that everyone should learn.
If you can write your name, you can draw.
In drawing class, you will discover that good drawings come from learning how to
 trust what you actually SEE, versus what you THINK you are seeing.
In drawing class, we will study line, shape and value – the basic elements of a good drawing –
 and learn the absolute MAGIC that is creating the illusion of three dimensions on a flat piece of paper!
In watercolor class, we will explore the medium, and learn many brushwork techniques.
  We will also learn about painting light and shadow, and good composition basics.
Wednesday mornings, July through August
10:00 AM to 11:30
Thursday evenings, July through August
5:30 PM to 7:00


           All supplies noted by asterisk (*) can be obtained at Hampton Roads Wholesale (596-0684) at a reasonable price.  The brands listed are not the only brands on the market, but will be reliable for our purposes. 
HRW has a copy of my supply list.  If you’re shopping online,
 Jerry’s Artarama and Cheap Joe’s Art Supply are my favorites.
Sketchbook – 11 x 14 or thereabouts.  No vellum.
Graphite pencils – HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
Kneaded eraser  (Most retailers carry the above pencils with  kneaded eraser in one pack.)
Tortillions (paper blending stumps)
Charcoal pencils
Ivory Black watercolor pencil (from the bin)
Micron Pen (.005 and .01)  Archival black ink
#8 round watercolor brush (test it first!)
Optional:  Set of watercolor pencils
X-acto knife
Set of pastel pencils
(We get into these two or three months down the road.)


All supplies noted by asterisk (*) can be obtained at Hampton Roads Wholesale
(596-0684) at a reasonable price.
The brands listed are not the only brands on the market, but will be reliable for our purposes.
HRW has a copy of my supply list.
Jerry’s Artarama and Cheap Joe’s Art Supply are my favorite online art supply stores.

PAINT (Tube) DaVinci, Winsor & Newton

Alizarin Crimson
Permanent Rose
Ultramarine Blue
Aureolean Yellow or New Gamboge
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Sap Green
Perylene Green

HRW carries the “Silver” brand – the synthetic “Ruby Satin” rounds and “Golden Natural” flats
(some synthetic, some hair) are just right for our lessons.
Other brands are fine, too – just make sure they pass the “spring” test!
*3/4” flat wash brush (3/4” wide and 3/4” long)
or 1” flat wash
*#8 round and #4 round
*Rigger (also called script liner)
*2” regular paintbrush or bristle brush
An old toothbrush

Arches 140 lb. and 300 lb. Cold pressed watercolor paper, or Waterford 300 cp

Paper towels (lint free)

Water containers (jars, plastic bottles or even 2 styrofoam cups)

Palette (available in retail stores, but for now you can use a thrift store white plate or even a styrofoam plate.

Brown Madder Quinacridone, Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue, Viridian, Cadmium Red, Prussian Blue, Winsor Red, Cerulean Blue, Paynes Gray


Adult and Child Art Classes at Iris Art & Framing

Iris offers ongoing classes for adults in drawing and painting, with emphasis on technique, subject and the elements of design.
New classes are scheduled twice a year for beginners. While there is a waiting list for our regular weekly classes, sometimes a vacancy occurs, and we suggest that you get your name on our waiting list for just such a time if you already have art experience.
There is a regular class for preteens on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, and a Saturday class for teenagers from 10 until 11:30 AM. These can be signed up for at any time.


Pinots and Pigments

Adult Group Art ClassesIris Art Studio offers “Pinots and Pigments”, a two hour class scheduled to suit your group. Participants sample wine and hors d’oeuvres while learning to paint a picture in your chosen medium. This event is perfectly suited to groups of friends, office comrades, thank you parties, etc. Here, the lovely ladies of Lockwood are treated to dinner and a painting to celebrate Administrative Assistants Week.

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